“Jousthouse” Album Review by Arejay Hale

“I had the honor of playing drums a few tracks for Late Night Fights, which was intimidating because I know what a great drummer Ryan Guanzon is! When I first met Ryan he was slamming the drums with New Medicine, who had done several tours with us. Getting to know Ryan he started showing me demos he wrote, played guitar, bass, keyboards and sang on, it blew me away! It’s easy to see he has no shortage of talent, playing multiple instruments, singing and writing music like a modern day Dave Grohl. I believe LNF’s sound has elements of old school punk, 90s rawness, overall a little bit dirty but yet the tones of the recording sound clean and full and fat, giving it a unique modern sound where it fits in yet stands out in today’s music. The number one thing I love about this record is the heart and soul put into the songs. Every lyric, melody or instrumentation is directly from the heart which is apparent in the writing and performance of each song. That, I believe, is the most important part of any record and this one was made for all the right reasons; raw emotion let out in music for people to hear and feel!”

Arejay Hale


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